About The Communiqués
About The Communiqués

The Corporate Climate Communiqués are a series of international business statements calling for global policies and actions to tackle climate change.

They have been developed by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group.

The Trillion Tonne Communiqué: Sign Up Now

2014 will be an important year for action on climate change, from the release of the final sections of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s fifth assessment report (IPCC AR5) to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s Climate Summit of world leaders in September. The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group is helping to build momentum for global action by publishing The Trillion Tonne Communiqué. The Trillion Tonne Communiqué is a global call to arms from businesses who take the science of climate change seriously and are demanding a proactive policy response. 

In 2012 The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group released The Carbon Price Communiqué. In this statement business leaders make the case for a strong carbon price as a tool that can deliver appropriate carbon emission reductions. The Carbon Price Communiqué is open for sign-up alongside The Trillion Tonne Communiqué as a clear and transparent price on carbon emissions remains one of the main building blocks of a cost-effective, pro-business policy framework for climate change.

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